All the amenities of inner city camping and benefits of the great outdoors.



Quiet Time

For the consideration of others, please respect the 10:30pm to 7:00am quiet time.

Alcoholic Beverages

Will be consumed at sites only. Any excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated.


For safety reasons all pets must be leashed. Excessive barking of animals will not be tolerated.


Are to be enjoyed. Do not debark, cut, or mutilate them in any way.


All fires must be put out by 12:00 midnight and use firepits only for burning. No burning of pallets allowed.

Check-Out Time

Check-out time is 11:30am (unless authorized by staff). Trailers or RV may have to be moved to another location.


All visitors must stop at gate house and check-out by 10:30pm. No overnight stays for visitors unless approved by staff.


Any teenagers under the age of 18 are prohibited from staying at the campgrounds unless accompanied by an adult.

Firework, Firecrackers, etc.

It is illegal to discharge these items inside city limits.

*Management reserves the right to evict from the campground, without refund, anyone not following these rules.